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Life Insurance

Viita Insurance provides you and your family with Peace of Mind knowing that you were able to obtain the life coverage that met your family’s insurance needs at the most reasonable cost. Helping you save and protect your family’s financial obligations such as a mortgage is our main goal.

Critical Illness

Viita Insurance will assist you and your family in understanding the importance of Critical Illness Insurance and WHY it should be considered part of your Insurance needs when protecting both your lifestyle and financial obligations.

Disability Insurance

Viita Insurance will guide you and your family in looking at all important facets to your Insurance needs especially if you were disabled and could not work for an extended period of time. Providing you and your family with the knowledge of understanding the importance of obtaining a Disability benefit to complement your Life Insurance policy is an effective way to build additional layer of security in protecting your financial obligations.
How This Works
Let Viita Insurance guide you through the comparison process of Creditor Insurance to Traditional Life and Health Insurance Products in one place! Our process will quickly and efficiently provide our clients with the most savings, best value, and coverage for their premium dollars.
01 Input Your Information
02 Indicate Your Debt Balance Owing
03 Provide the Creditor Insurance Premiums You Were Offered or Currently Paying
04 Compare and Choose Your Options
05 Build Your Tailored Bundle Package
06 Apply for Your Coverage with Viita Insurance

We find the perfect policy

We ask a few questions, crunch some numbers and compare the top insurers. We offer the lowest rates available specifically for you.

We give advice

Not sure which options to pick? We have comparison tools and a team of insurance advisors you can call or chat with.

We get you covered

Once you pick a policy, we help you dot every i and cross every t so you can submit your application with complete confidence.

Critical Illness Insurance

Provides a lump sum of TAX FREE MONEY which can help you with the additional costs associated with a life-altering illness.

  • It can help replace income you and a loved one may lose if you need to take ​time off work
  • Reduce debt and other financial concerns while you cope with your illness.
  • Help pay for medical treatments not covered by private or government ​health plans
  • Help you bring in additional help for you and your family.
63% of Candidates diagnosed with cancer are expected to survive*
63% of Candidates diagnosed with cancer are expected to survive*
63% of Candidates diagnosed with cancer are expected to survive*

Income Mortgage Protection

Protect your monthly mortgage payment if you become injured on or off the job and are unable to work.

  • Tax-Free Benefit up to 75% of your gross monthly income
  • Unlike coverage through your employer or bank, keep your policy if you change jobs
More than 90% of Candidates who have won a heart attack and make it to the hospital will survive*
More than 400,000 Candidates are living with long term stroke disability.*
More than 80% of Candidates who have a stroke and make it to the hospital will survive.*

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Life Insurance and Health Insurance can work together

Owning life insurance can help provide peace of mind for your family in case you die unexpectedly and can no longer help meet your family’s financial obligations such as a mortgage. What if you were diagnosed with a critical illness and survived or unable to work due to an injury or illness? Adding a health insurance benefit to a new life insurance policy could be an effective way to build an additional layer of security into your financial plan.